This week, video “Dairy is Scary” reached 5 million views on YouTube. The five-minute video was created and narrated by Canadian vegan activist Erin Janus in 2015 as a digestible analysis of the cruel practices inherent to the dairy industry, including forcibly impregnating cows, removing calves after birth to be sent to slaughter, and causing common ailments such as mastitis that cows experience from a lifetime of overexertion. “I was inspired to make the video after being horrified for years at the standard practices that go on within the dairy industry,” Janus told VegNews. “I hope it will continue to wake viewers up to the hidden atrocities behind the milk that is produced from the grieving animal mothers of an industry that has so much to hide.” Earlier this year, the iconic video expanded from the screen to the streets of Los Angeles in the form of 60 billboards erected around the city by animal-rights organization In Defense of Animals to help Angelenos understand that dairy is indeed scary.

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