Game and food chain Dave & Buster’s recently added the plant-based Impossible Burger patty to the menu of its 117 locations in the United States and Canada. The new plant-based burger—which can be ordered in place of meat—is part of the Texas-based chain’s effort to modernize its offerings to fit new consumer trends. Dave & Buster’s also added a new Jurassic Park-themed virtual reality game and together with the Impossible Burger, hopes to increase foot traffic at the 36-year-old chain. “These efforts all form part of the brand’s plan to compete with the likes of Netflix and Seamless,” Todd Neikirk of trend-focused media outlet PSFK said, “offering unique experiences that incentivize business.” Last month, burger chain White Castle expanded its vegan-friendly Impossible Slider to all of its 377 locations in 13 states after a wildly successful 140-location trail run—with some locations selling more than 300 plant-based burgers daily.