The roving Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC) opened for its first installment in Vancouver earlier this month, with plans to pop up again in late December. The VVRC is a mobile concept created by activist Zoe Peled to provide a hub for the growing number of vegan groups, businesses, and activist-led initiatives that provide support to long-time vegans as well as those new to the lifestyle. The center offers a free-to-use community library, a mentoring program, and workshops on aspects of veganism such as a Zero-Waste Vegan Workshop led by the Peace People Project. “It’s imperative we create inclusive spaces where all folks can be supported and feel safe to ask questions,” Peled told VegNews. “If you Google ‘how to be vegan,’ you’re going to end up with a slew of information, articles, opinions, and not all of them are going to be accurate. Sitting down with someone who has been vegan for a few years and can offer personal advice and wisdom? That’s crucial, and incredibly rare. These considerations are all addressed directly with the VVRC.” The upcoming VVRC December installment will focus on Veganuary—an approach that urges individuals to pledge to go vegan for the month of January—and will offer a week of programming, workshops, and information in collaboration with fellow activist Cindi Dingman. Peled plans to continue hosting VVRC installments in various cities to present veganism as an accessible option to all communities and demographics. “Veganism is everywhere,” Peled said, “and we have an obligation to support it as best we can through representation in multiple areas, neighborhoods, demographics, folks, and communities.”

Photo courtesy of Tosha Lobsinger

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