“Sunday Scaries” Vegan CBD Gummies Debut in Time for Halloween

Luckily, there’s nothing scary about these “Vegan AF” gummy drops infused with 10 milligrams of relaxing CBD. 


San Diego-based brand Sunday Scaries recently debuted its “Vegan AF” cannabidiol-infused gummies. The company’s new sour, gelatin-free gummy drops are infused with 10 milligrams of anxiety-relieving CBD—the non-psychoactive substance found in marijuana. “There is preliminary evidence that CBD may be used in connection with a number of medical conditions,” co-founder Mike Sill told Nutraingredients-USA. “It is well tolerated with a good safety profile. To date, this is not evidence of any public health threat connect with CBD and there [are] no case reports of abuse or addiction connected to CBD.” Sunday Scaries—which is named after the anxiety people feel before returning to work on Mondays—created the vegan version of its gelatin-based gummies due to popular customer demand.

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