Environmental advocate Suzy Amis Cameron—wife of award-winning director James Cameron—recently launched a One Meal a Day (OMD) pilot program in North Carolina in an effort to promote food equity and improve citizens’ health through a plant-based lifestyle. The volunteer-led coalition will work with communities to increase access to healthy, plant-based foods, starting with restaurants and public-school lunch programs. According to the OMD website, North Carolina has the largest number of factory farms in the United States, which is causing an ongoing public health and environmental crisis, particularly in communities of color and individuals living in low-income households. “North Carolina is ground zero for environmental justice and a hotbed of health inequity,” the program website states. “People want justice, clean air and water, better health and an end to corporate animal agriculture’s oppressive negative impacts.” The pilot program also plans to advocate for change through community events—such as festivals, movie screenings, and plant-based cooking classes—and will feature a blog series spotlighting local leaders working to resist factory farms, promote food justice, support environmental stewardship, and improve community health. In 2015, Cameron founded the MUSE School, California’s first all-vegan school that also features an environmentally focused curriculum.  

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