Fox News personalities Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld recently discussed veganism on an episode of Gutfeld’s podcast, “The One With Greg Gutfeld.” The men, who have previously been critical of veganism, spoke about how they have been swayed towards plant-based eating and compared the meat industry to slavery. Carlson recounted an interview with a “vegan lunatic” (Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur) who, when asked if we rule over other animals, replied: “Of course we do; we can do whatever we want to the animals, and that’s why we shouldn’t mistreat them.” Carlson said Baur was “so reasonable” that it inspired him to eat a salad—instead of animals—for dinner following the interview. “It makes my day … when I have somebody on I think I really disagree with and the person will say something that just shocks me,” Carlson said. Gutfeld agreed that people who are able to articulate the reasons behind veganism can inspire others to think about their personal food choices: “I’ll talk to somebody who starts talking to me about factory farming and the treatment of animals,” Gutfeld said. “And I’ll go home and I’ll look at the food in my fridge and then I start thinking, ‘Am I going to be like that person who was pro-slavery?’”  

Photo courtesy of GQ

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