Vegan Jewish deli pop-up Mort & Betty’s is launching in Los Angeles on November 11. Owner Megan Tucker will operate the monthly pop-up, which will serve a menu inspired by Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine featuring vegan versions of classic Jewish dishes such as Mushroom Pastrami Sandwiches, Carrot Lox Bagels, White Carrot Whitefish Salad, and holiday favorites such as Potato Latkes, Challah, and Rugelach. “As a chef, one thing that makes Jewish cuisine so interesting is how it has picked up flavors of other cuisines as it’s migrated,” Tucker told VegNews. “Two dishes that celebrate this in the context of LA are Corned Beet Reuben Tacos and Matzoh Ramen. In the latter, components of classic Matzoh Ball Soup and Japanese ramen combine to create a new dish.” Five percent of Mort & Betty’s profits will go toward Tucker’s dream project of starting a farmed animal sanctuary. She hopes to raise $1 million to buy out a dairy farm and adopt the former dairy cows as the first members of the sanctuary. While working to fund her goal, Tucker hopes to take Mort & Betty’s on the road to host pop-ups in other cities. “I would love to do a collab, or perhaps a Vegan Latke Showdown, with Isa Chandra Moskowitz,” Tucker said.