Vegan chef Spencer Caine joins plant-based pop-up Scam Likely to bring a four-course dining experience to Denverites on Friday, October 19 at French bakery La Fillette. Hosted by plant-based, zero-waste hospitality company Baby’s So Vain (BSV), the event—which comes with a $35 price tag—promises autumnal fare inspired by Chef Caine and BSV’s co-founder Samuel Maher’s trip to Greece and Copenhagen. “Every time you travel to another country and delve into the culture, food, and wine, you broaden your imagination,” Maher told VegNews. “So there will always be elements of our travels in the food. From Greece, we’re taking the simplicity of family-style meals and from Copenhagen, the progressive outlook of food [and] restaurant culture—sustainability, community, local produce, and hospitality.” Menu items include roasted butternut squash served with smoked mushroom and watercress salad and slow-cooked cauliflower with miso and peanut crunch dip. Maher says attendees can expect a “fun-filled tasty experience of legendary proportions or just a good night out” at the pop-up experience—whose unique moniker was inspired by a suspicious phone call Maher received when thinking of memorable names.

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