Vegan Steak Company Debuts Plant-Based Alternative to Angus Burger 

Dutch brand Vivera—known for its popular vegan steak—announces a new burger made to compete with high-end beef. 


Dutch brand Vivera debuted its newest product, the Veggie Quarter Pounder, at select Sainsbury’s stores in the United Kingdom this weekend. The vegan burger is fortified with B12 and was created to compete with gourmet beef burger patties. “We expect a large market potential for our ‘Veggie Quarter Pounder’ due to its superior taste and structure. The smell, taste, and bite can hardly be distinguished from an Aberdeen Angus beef burger,” Vivera commercial director Gert Jan Gombert said. “We are convinced that this product will meet a large need. Innovative and high-quality plant-based products can make a significant contribution to a more balanced diet towards more plant-based proteins.” In May, Vivera debuted its soy- and wheat-based vegan steak at 400 locations of supermarket Tesco where it sold 40,000 units in several days. Vivera currently produces 40 meat alternatives at a rate of more than one million plant-based products per week.

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