World’s Biggest Meat Company Recalls 7 Million Pounds of Beef

A series of frightening meat recalls due to salmonella and listeria prompt vegan advocates such as actress Ruby Rose to urge everyone to ditch meat. 


The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued a recall of 6.9 million pounds of beef due to a possible contamination of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strain, Salmonella Newport. The tainted meat was processed by meat giant JBS at an Arizona-based facility and distributed to 16 states to a number of retailers, including Walmart, where it was sold under the store’s private label. The FSIS was prompted to issue the recall after 57 people fell ill between August 5 and September 6 in connection to the tainted meat. Vegan actress Ruby Rose created an Instagram story last week—a snapshot of three separate CNN headlines on the same day that pointed to recalled beef, ham, and eggs—to highlight the frequency with which animal products are recalled due to disease-causing contaminants. “Good time to go vegan, folks,” Rose captioned the story.

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