Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah Thinks Impossible Sliders Are “Dope”

After working on White Castle’s new intergalactic campaign, the legendary hip-hop artist is impressed with the chain’s vegan-friendly burgers.


Wu-Tang Clan member Dennis Coles (known professionally as “Ghostface Killah”) spoke with media outlet Vibe about his partnership with White Castle to promote vegan-friendly Impossible Sliders. Coles explained the importance of promoting plant-based foods to the hip-hop community and revealed that while he identifies as a pescatarian, he thinks the Impossible Burger is an excellent plant-based product. “It’s dope. The first time I tried it was in Brooklyn. You could have sworn you were eating regular meat,” Coles said. “I had to really ask them and they said, ‘Yes, it’s really a plant-based food.’ It’s the best plant-based vegan food that I’ve ever tasted, ever.” White Castle first trialed the Impossible Slider (which can be ordered vegan by omitting cheese) in April at select locations before expanding the vegan-friendly offering this month to all of its locations nationwide.

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