Food startup Jet-Eat will present its plant-based 3D-printing technology at innovation conference HiE 2018 at the end of this month. The Israeli-based company combines 3D-modeling technology with a proprietary plant-based formulation to create products such as vegan steak, stew, and roasts, and is currently collaborating with local chefs and butchers to bring its innovative products to market. Jet-Eat CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit explained to FoodIngredientsFirst that plant-based meat has yet to attain the texture and cooking qualities that fully mimic whole cuts of animal-based meat. “Existing plant-based options can imitate ground beef, for example, but beef steak is currently impossible,” Ben-Shitrit said. “In the long term, we plan to be in retail, having our industrial printers producing a wide range of fresh meat products with just-in-time production, almost zero-waste, minor environmental impact, and awesome consumer experience.” The brand plans to use plant-based ingredients initially and pivot to incorporating clean meat (grown from a small number of animal cells in a lab setting) when the technology becomes available. Others have begun to develop similar technology in an effort to displace animal agriculture, including Italian scientist Giuseppe Scionti who creates 3D-printed steak from peas and seaweed in 30 to 50 minutes.

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