New research reveals that two-thirds (65 percent) of global consumers—and half (52 percent) of United States consumers—are eating more plant-based foods and beverages. Research firm DuPont Nutrition and Health studied the eating habits of more than 1,000 US consumers and found that close to 60 percent of those surveyed said their switch to plant-based food was permanent. “There is a seismic shift occurring in eating habits globally, creating a significant market opportunity,” DuPont marketing leader Greg Paul said. “Most important, our research reveals that for most consumers, this has moved beyond experimentation into a permanent change brought on by health, lifestyle, and social factors.” The new data coincides with the recent spike in sales of vegan products, which amounted to $3.7 billion in the 12-month period ending in August 2018. Plant-based meat sales, in particular, grew by 23 percent and the alternative meat sector is estimated to become a $10 billion industry.