Automaker Audi showcased the e-tron GT, a vegan concept car, during the recent Los Angeles Auto Show. Developed in partnership with car company Porsche, the new 590-horsepower car features a vegan interior made with mostly recycled fibers and floor carpets crafted from repurposed fishing nets. “The interior is all about neat angles and unexpected materials,” automotive media outlet New Atlas describes the car. “There’s no leather here; Audi feels its electric customers will appreciate a more sustainable approach.” The vehicle is made with a 90 kWh battery which amounts to more than 250 miles on the road without the need to recharge—which is done on a wireless garage pad. Audi will begin production of the innovative vehicle (which it developed to compete with vegan-friendly Tesla model S) in 2020 and plans to add 12 new electric car models to its production line by 2025.