Could Poppy-Seed Milk Be the Newest Vegan Innovation? 

Kristina Ivanova spent $20,000 to launch “Milk 2.0” in New Zealand to fill a market gap for calcium-rich, plant-based milk made with novel ingredients such as pumpkin and poppy seeds. 


New Zealand-based entrepreneur Kristina Ivanova is developing vegan milk brand “Milk 2.0.” The Russian expat has invested $20,000 to develop the vegan milk line made with base ingredients such as almonds, cashews, poppy seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Ivanova plans to launch the brand with almond and cashew milk-based varieties (a plain and chocolate flavor), before expanding the line to include more inventful milks that blend seeds and nuts. “Not many people know that poppy seeds have the highest amount of calcium in them, even higher than dairy milk,” Ivanova told local media outlet New Zealand Herald. “It [tastes] just like a normal milk, but it’s not.” Ivanova joins a growing list of innovators in the non-dairy industry making plant-based alternatives out of unexpected ingredients, including fellow New Zealand brand WellKit Foods International, which will debut its new persimmon-based vegan ice cream brand My Goodness! this week.

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