Today, United Kingdom-based organization The Vegan Society launched new digital tool VeGuide to celebrate its 74th anniversary—which falls on World Vegan Day. The app was developed to serve the “vegan-curious” and features interactive content with shopping, nutrition, and recipe information that is specifically tailored to a United States-based demographic. Harry Potter actress and vegan activist Evanna Lynch endorsed the new tool, which she said will help individuals easily transition to veganism. “VeGuide is an amazing tool for new and transitioning vegans, and the only app designed to help you transition to veganism in 30 days,” Lynch said. “The educational videos tell you about the life of a vegan, how to overcome obstacles, and how to deal with cravings for cheese or chocolate. The amazing thing about it is that you can learn a little bit every day and discover veganism gradually.” VeGuide video content is created by YouTube stars Mic the Vegan, Jay Brave, and Rae Likes Froot, and includes motivational quotes and quizzes to keep users engaged. “Whether you’re vegan or not,” Lynch said, “you’ll certainly find VeGuide useful so please download it now and share with everyone you know.” The app is available on Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free on Google Play and will be available soon in the App Store.