Karma Kebab opens today in capital city Edinburgh as Scotland’s first vegan kebab shop. The shop operates in the space of shuttered meat-centric shop Aleppo Kitchen and offers a traditional kebab experience complete with seitan-based meat carved from a doner rotisserie. Business partners Alan Collinson and Wade Tidbury spent 18 months planning the eatery, which involved replacing all equipment in the kitchen to eliminate the risk of contamination with animal products. “We have set up Karma Kebab with values that are important to us,” Tilbury told local media outlet Edinburgh News. “Our aspiration in our planning was that we are setting up a place that is fun to come to eat with friends, but also knowing that we have the wider environment and how we employ staff in mind.” The menu features seitan- and falafel-filled wraps, salads, poutine, fries, and desserts. “We are aiming to have a place that offers a welcoming and popular atmosphere and great tasting food that everyone can enjoy,” Collinson said. “We are really excited to be opening our first branch of Karma Kebabs.” In 2017, vegan shop What The Pitta opened its flagship location in London before expanding to three locations across the city, with a fourth scheduled to open on November 16 in Brighton.

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