NCLA Debuts Vegan Barbie-Themed Beauty Collection

The Los Angeles vegan beauty brand partnered with Mattel for the all-pink collection featuring Barbie-themed nail polish, lipsticks, cuticle oil, and nail wraps. 


Los Angeles-based vegan beauty brand NCLA launched a Barbie-themed collection this month in partnership with toy brand Mattel. The vegan collection features nail polish shades such as Barbie Pink and Barbie Dreamhouse, lip balms and lipsticks in four shades, a bubblegum-scented cuticle oil, and nail wraps in ‘90s-themed patterns. “My vision for this collaboration was to take you back to the ‘90s, playing with Totally Hair Barbie or Malibu Barbie or even just regular Barbie,” NCLA CEO Elin Dannerstedt said. “Every single detail is created after a real Barbie pattern, quote, and not to mention, a miniature Barbie nail polish box! Can you even?”