Vegan bakery Weirdoughs opened this week in Melbourne, Australia with an array of unique sweet treats, including “croissant cubes.” Pastry chef Kane Neale created the unique pastry, which features a dough made with vegan butter that is hand-pressed into a dense cube. The bakery teased the creation with an Instagram post captioned, “Stay tuned. Stay weird,” and a galactic-themed video of the cube-shaped pastry descending upon the earth with the message, “2018: A Plant-Based Oddity.” Weirdoughs was founded by a collaboration of food industry professionals: Amanda Walker, Mark Koronczyk, and Sam Koronczyk, who founded vegan chain Lord of the Fries, and the teams behind vegan café Matcha Mylkbar and restaurant Mark + Vinny’s. The new shop is open late and, in addition to croissant cubes, offers other inventive menu items such as pizza croissants, pecan pie croissants, and “disco doughnuts” filled with a turmeric-spiked custard rolled in strawberry sherbert sugar.  

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