North Carolina-based manufacturer Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF)—creator of the Linda Loma line of plant-based products—recently launched fish-free tuna alternative TUNO. The soy-based seafood alternative is available in 5-ounce cans in flavors such as Spring Water with Sea Salt, Lemon Pepper, and Spicy Sriracha, and 3-ounce, single-serve pouches in Lemon Pepper, Thai Sweet Chili, and Sesame Ginger. TUNO was developed over five years in collaboration with seafood industry experts in an effort to create a sustainable replacement for tuna fish, whose population has been significantly depleted due to overfishing. “We recognize that seafood is not an endless resource,” ANF founder J. Douglas Hines said. “If our planet’s resources are not guarded and supplemented with alternative proteins, our future generations will not enjoy simple lifestyle requirements as basic as protein.” TUNO can now be ordered online on Amazon and will be available in December at select retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Sprouts, Price Chopper, and Save Mart. Linda Loma joins other plant-based brands such as Ocean Hugger Foods and Good Catch Foods in offering sustainable, fish-free seafood alternatives.

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