Smoothie Brand Daily Harvest Debuts Vegan Cookie Dough

Technically, the new product line is ready-to-bake cookies, but we know that vegan cookie dough never makes it into the oven. 

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Subscription meal brand Daily Harvest, known for its blend-at-home smoothie cups, debuted a vegan cookie line this week. Daily Harvest cookies are made from whole-food, plant-based ingredients such as organic sunflower seed butter, avocado, and cassava flour and are available in three flavors: Coconut Lemon, Chocolate Chia, and Cacao Nib. Cookies are shipped as raw, pre-cut cookie dough—in orders of three boxes with 12 cookies each and available as gift orders—which is meant to be kept frozen until it is ready to bake. “Or, if you just can’t wait,” Daily Harvest advises, “eat the cookie dough straight from the freezer.”