Vegan Chefs IB recently formed as Spain’s first vegan chef collaborative. The Palma de Mallorca-based group unites 15 Spanish chefs who are working together to expand the popularity of plant-based food through events and partnerships within the restaurant and hospitality industry. In an effort to normalize plant-based cooking, members of Vegan Chefs IB will create innovative dishes to illustrate the versatility of vegan food and advise other culinary professionals to implement more vegan dishes on their menus. During a recent vegan food presentation at non-vegan restaurant Moss, Vegan Chefs IB president Victoria Frontera explained to local media outlet Ultima Hora that while the vegan population in Spain is currently approximately one percent, she expects demand for vegan food to grow in line with countries such as Germany and Sweden in coming years. Last month, the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy—also located in Palma de Mallorca—announced that it would launch a new Vegan Pizza School starting March 2019, in an effort to “mainstream” vegan food on the Balearic islands.

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