Vegan Beauty Brand Lime Crime Founder Launches Ethical Jewelry Company

Doe Deere pays homage to cherished family heirlooms with Victorian-style rings made with ethically sourced and produced gemstones. 

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Ethical jewelry brand Poppy Angeloff launched this month in Los Angeles. Created by Doe Deere, the founder of vegan beauty brand Lime Crime, the brand’s flagship items are four Victorian-style rings inspired by delicate pansy flowers made with ethically sourced and cultivated gemstones. Each ring is packaged in a glittery, silk-free, vegan velvet box, and the brand’s gold-hued gift boxes are made from recycled paper. “After having my daughter, I began thinking about the world I’m going to leave behind for Lorelei,” Deere said. “My mission is to produce the no-corners-cut, heirloom-quality jewelry we can all love, enjoy, collect, and pass down the line as part of our legacy.” Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008 and has since launched a number of innovative vegan beauty products in support of charitable organizations, including a “Beet It” lipstick that raised funding for victims of Hurricane Havey in 2017.

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