New vegan eatery Halo Burger will open in December at community project space Pop Brixton in London. The menu will revolve around the Halo Burger, which features two Beyond Burger patties topped with diced white onion, melted vegan American-style cheese, a slice of beefsteak tomato, lettuce, and a signature sauce. According to Eater London, the Halo Burger team spent 18 months developing a spice blend specifically designed to complement the Beyond Burger, which is mixed into the patty prior to cooking. “Everything at Halo Burger is created to do better, be better, and taste better,” the company mission statement reads, adding that Halo Burger is not “here to be the next health fad—it’s here to give you what you crave [and] help you reduce your impact on the planet, all while still fueling your passion for great tasting food … at an affordable price.” The Beyond Burger, now sold at 25,000 retailers and restaurants worldwide, made its debut in the United Kingdom this month at supermarket chain Tesco.