Vegan Egg Replacer “Aquafaba” is Officially a Scrabble Word

Wordsmiths rejoice! The popular chickpea brine-based egg replacer can now score you big points—in the kitchen and in Scrabble.


Merriam-Webster recently added vegan term “aquafaba” to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Players can now use the term—defined as “the liquid that results when beans are cooked in water”—to score 22 points. Goose Wohlt, a software engineer and home cook, coined the term in 2016 after learning about aquafaba’s egg-like properties from French tenor Joël Roessel. The popular egg replacer—which can be used in place of eggs to make meringue, condiments, ice cream, and more—has been used to create a number of commercial products, including Fora Foods’ vegan Faba Butter and Sir Kensington’s vegan mayonnaise Fabanaise.