Canadian vegan ice cream brand Nora’s recently debuted “break-up” pints to help customers overcome heartache with the help of ice cream. The brand offers three “break-up” themed flavors: Bye, Bye Brownie, It’s Vanilla, and Strawberries-and-You’re-Mean. Each pint packages can be customized with messages such as “It’s over,” “We’re done,” and “I can’t do this.” The packages also feature fill-in-the-blank spaces intended for the names of the quarreling parties along with a list of reasons for the breakup. “Just found out that your new fling listens to Nickelback and/or eats pizza with a fork?” the brand asked on Instagram. “Let us help you end things on a sweet note.” Nora’s further continues the theme by suggesting customers pair the cashew cream- and coconut milk-based ice cream flavors with alcohol, tears, and Adele songs.

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