Plant-based food distribution company Infinite Foods will be introducing the Beyond Sausage—made by California-based vegan brand Beyond Meat—and mung-bean-based vegan egg JUST Egg to South Africa’s restaurant and retail markets in early 2019. The launch comes after last month’s introduction of Beyond Meat’s popular Beyond Burger to the country. With the launch of the new products, Infinite Foods founder Michelle Adelman hopes to address food security issues in Africa and emerging markets, specifically regarding protein availability and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. “When people become aware how much good they can do by introducing more plant-based proteins to their diet, we expect this market to grow very quickly,” Adelman told media outlet FMCG News. “It helps a lot that the products being introduced now by Beyond Meat and others taste great.” In September, Beyond Meat released a life-cycle analysis report that revealed its plant-based burger patty produces 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, uses 46 percent less energy, and has 93 percent less impact on land use than a quarter-pound beef patty.