This week, Los Angeles city councilman Paul Koretz proposed a citywide mandate to require every entertainment venue—such as movie theaters and sports arenas—to offer at least one vegan protein option. Koretz held a press conference, attended by representatives from animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The Humane League, and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, to discuss the proposed measure. “There’s really no downside to it,” Koretz told Variety. “The change could easily be made in any venue. A movie theater serves hot dogs. They can serve vegan dogs. It’s easy.” While Los Angeles theaters and sports arenas offer some vegan options (such as popcorn), the measure would require more substantial dishes. “We’d like to see vegan nachos, vegan hot dogs—typical cinema fare with a compassionate twist,” PETA Senior International Media Director Ben Williamson said. “If you’re going to pay $12 for a box of popcorn, you don’t want any animal to have suffered for it.”  

Photo courtesy of Beyond Meat

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