Vancouver eatery Dundas Eat + Drink debuted the “Vegan Bun Bo Hue Challenge” for the month of December. The challenge pits diners against a 3-pound bowl of pho—a spicy soup made with tofu, thinly sliced vegan meat, noodles, and a sour and mildly spicy broth—and gives them 20 minutes to consume it. The fastest five customers to finish the dish (including the broth) in the allotted time will win a $100 gift card to the restaurant and compete against one another for the $500 grand prize. “We first started our food challenge last year in December when we rolled out the 5-pound ‘Six O Pho Challenge’ which only contained a meat option,” Dundas Eat + Drink owner James Tran told VegNews. “We have a growing vegan community here who have asked if the challenge could be turned into a vegan one, and so here we are reinventing the wheel with a new 3-pound Vegan Bun Bo Hue challenge.” Tran will announce the grand prize at the end of December or early January.

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