Delivery services Uber Eats named plant-based foods the top trend of 2018 in its year-end report. Based on internal data, the company revealed that out of the top 20 food components in dishes ordered through the service in 2018, many included vegan foods such as avocado, toast, kale, tofu, hummus, and coconut. “The power couple toast and avocado reigned supreme, with the highly ‘grammable ‘goth food’ trend close behind,” the report states. Uber Eats made predictions about trends that would continue to dominate customer orders into the new year, listing “clean-eating,” fermented foods, and plant-based milk as top contenders. For 2019, Uber Eats also predicts that seitan, chia seeds, and agave nectar will be popular items amongst its users, while items such as Brussels sprouts and trends such as unicorn-themed food will fall out of favor. “As we look ahead to the new year,” the report states, “it’s clear that people aren’t just ordering in Chinese food and pizza anymore.”