Review platform Yelp recently launched a new tool to help vegan diners identify food options. When visiting Yelp, users are now able to determine which restaurants offer vegan dishes by looking for a sidebar that features the phrase, “Liked by Vegans”—denoted as such when the establishment is well-reviewed for its plant-based options. In 2012, the company launched Yelpy Insights, a feature that aggregates information shared by millions of users about businesses, and pulls out tips to highlight special features (such as whether the business has wi-fi, is cash-only, or is suitable for large groups). While the “Liked by Vegetarians” filter has existed since the launch of Yelpy Insights, the vegan-oriented tool is a modern feature influenced by an increasing amount of users reviewing (and searching for) vegan options. In addition to the new filter, Yelp published a blog post this week titled, “Vegan Voyages: The Holiday Edition,” which directs readers to nationwide businesses selling vegan holiday gifts, including Brooklyn’s vegan cheese shop Riverdel, Los Angeles fashion boutique Vegan Scene, and Berkeley vegan grocery store Animal Place’s Vegan Republic.