YouTube Star Opens Vegan Korean Café with Her Mom

Rose Lee—of YouTube channel Cheap Lazy Vegan—opened brick-and-mortar eatery saVeg on the ground floor of a gym in Calgary.


Canadian YouTube star Rose Lee—who operates the Cheap Lazy Vegan channel—recently opened vegan café saVeg in Calgary. With the help of her mother Vera, Lee opened the restaurant with the intent of bringing the dishes she prepares on her bi-weekly YouTube channel—and veganized childhood favorites such as Korean-style sushi, japchae, and bibimbap—to her fans in real life. “They’re vegan spin-offs of popular Korean foods,” Lee told Canadian media outlet CBC. “My aunt used to own a fried chicken shop, and we figured we could make it vegan. We got the sauce recipe from her and use tofu and sweet potato.” The Lees recently hired their first employee, and Rose Lee will continue to create YouTube videos despite working full-time at saVeg.

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