Vegan Stock Index Goes Live on Bloomberg in June

The US Vegan Climate Index will help vegans invest in businesses that align with their values.


The new US Vegan Climate stock index, which supports vegan and environmentally friendly businesses, will go live on June 6 under the Bloomberg ticker VEGAN. Formed by finance professionals Claire Smith, Lee Coates, and Larry Abele of vegan investing platform Beyond Investing in Europe, the Vegan Climate Index includes major names such as Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, but excludes industries that are involved in any form of animal exploitation or deemed to have a negative impact on the environment or human rights such as fossil fuel, military and defense, and tobacco. “There’s no future in these industries if they carry on doing what they’re doing,” Beyond Investing CEO Clair Smith told Forbes. “It’s fairly obvious, for example, that [meat company] Tyson is trying to transform itself as a business, and as soon as it goes 100 percent plant-based, it would be admissible.” Beyond Investing is currently working with financial institutions and advisors to use the index as a tool to guide their clients toward more ethical investments.

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