Honest Tom’s Taco Shop Goes Vegan

Reluctant vegan Tom McCusker will relaunch his Philadelphia taco shop with plant-based meats made from carrots, walnuts, and chickpeas.


Philadelphia-based eatery Honest Tom’s Taco Shop will reopen on July 9 as a new, vegan concept restaurant Honest Tom’s Plant Based Taco Shop. Owner Tom McCusker decided to transition the menu at the restaurant to match his own plant-based lifestyle. Prior to adopting a plant-based diet more than a year ago, McCusker was skeptical of vegans and did not offer many options for cruelty-free diners at the shop. The new menu will feature tacos and burritos made with walnut-based “biff,” carrot-based “carbacoa,” and chickpea-based “chucken.” McCusker eliminated the breakfast menu—which relied mostly on bacon, eggs, and sausage—and plans instead to spend mornings with his seven-month-old baby. “Some people are going to hate it,” McCusker told local media outlet Philly.com. “I’m just trying to tell them to check it out. You’ll be shocked at how good it is. You might hate vegans, but try it out. And then if you still hate it, walk away.” A number of non-vegan restaurants have removed animal products this year, including New Orleans-based bakery Breads on Oak which celebrated its six-year anniversary this year by going fully vegan.

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