Iceland’s Vegan Bleeding Burgers Outsell Wagyu Beef

The No Bull Burger—a private-label vegan burger created by the supermarket chain’s executive chef in April—has surged in sales since debuting in April.


Since its launch in April, United Kingdom-based supermarket chain Iceland sold more vegan No Bull Burgers than wagyu (a premium type of cow meat) burgers. “Iceland is also rapidly expanding its vegan range after its meat-free No Bull Burgers outsold their wagyu beef counterparts so far this year,” The Guardian reported, “while sales of its vegetable-based food have risen by 10 percent over the past 12 months.” Neill Nugent, the chain’s executive chef, created the soy-based burger with paprika and beets to give it a “bleeding” quality in an effort to promote plant-based eating to Iceland’s customers. Stateside, the popular Beyond Burger, according to Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, outsold Angus beef, 80/20 beef, and grass-fed beef, by unit, in the meat department at a major Southern California supermarket in the five-week period leading up to April 17 this year.