Luke Cage Villain is Vegan

Actor Mustafa Shakir—who portrays John “Bushmaster” McIver on the popular Netflix series—fuels his on-screen stunts with fruit, vegetables, and beans.


Actor Mustafa Shakir, known for his role as villain John “Bushmaster” McIver in season two of Netflix hit series Luke Cage, recently revealed that he is a “strict” vegan. Portraying the Marvel character, a Jamaican gang leader known for his street-fighting skills, requires Shakir to adhere to a strict exercise regimen and diet—which, for Shakir, is comprised of whole-food plant-based foods such as raw fruit and vegetables, beans, and nuts. “Some ask me, ‘Is it hard being vegan/eating well?’” Shakir recently posted on Instagram, stating that sustaining a vegan lifestyle with junk food is also possible. “To those people that wonder I say ‘Would you put regular unleaded gas in your Bentley?’ [Probably] not.” The actor admits that he follows a health-focused plant-based diet 85 percent of the time but will sometimes opt for French fries.