Max Burger “Ends the Beef” with Meatless Emojis

The popular Swedish fast-food chain released seven vegetarian burger emojis to promote environmentally friendly messaging.


Popular Swedish fast-food chain Max Burgers recently debuted seven meatless burger emojis—now available through Apple App Store and Google Play—that mimic its vegetarian menu items. Last year, Google released a burger emoji that sparked online debate due to the placement of its cheese beneath the patty. Max Burger CEO Richard Bergfors explained that the meat in Google’s emoji should be the topic of debate instead. “There is not a lack of great tasting green burgers or vegetarian food, but there is a lack of green options among emoji burgers,” Bergfors said. “Since emojis in general embrace diversity in many ways, we want to contribute and let everyone have the opportunity to choose green burgers when sending messages.” In addition to promoting meatless eating, the chain recently announced that it would debut coconut milk-based milkshakes to its 119 locations this fall, with plans to eventually replace all of its dairy-based milkshakes with the vegan formula to further reduce its environmental footprint.

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