Natalie Portman Survives Fiery Vegan Wings on Hot Ones

The vegan actress makes her way through the gamut of hot sauces on the series as she explains her dedication to veganism and promotes documentary Eating Animals.


Vegan actress Natalie Portman appeared on a recent episode of Hot Ones—a series that challenges celebrities to hold conversations with host Sean Evans while eating increasingly spicy sauces slathered on chicken wings. Portman’s segment featured vegan chicken wings and almond milk instead of the animal-based milk the show usually provides to quell the spice. The actress, along with writer Jonathan Safran Foer, is making media appearances to promote their new documentary Eating Animals—which is based on Foer’s book of the same title and, while not a vegan film, advocates against factory farming with graphic scenes of animal cruelty. “So I want to start by acknowledging the elephant in the room,” Evans said. “By watching the film it made me really consider the future of this show.” Portman began sampling the sauces and explained her journey to committing to veganism was highly influenced by Foer’s book that taught her the atrocities of animal agriculture. “When you see what it does to the environment,” Portman said, “they’re spraying the pig [expletive] up in the air and it’s giving people respiratory diseases that live near pig farms.The human impact, the environmental impact … and you just see that it’s having a huge toll beyond even the animal suffering which is something that is also super disturbing.” Portman ended the show—which at time of publishing has received nearly 2 million views on YouTube—in tears (perhaps from the intense heat of the last sauce) urging viewers not to support factory farming.