New Vegan Butcher Shop Opens in Texas

San Antonio’s Hip Peaz Vegan Eats offers a rotating menu of vegan meat sandwiches, burritos, and gumbo.


Vegan butcher Hip Peaz Vegan Eats opened in San Antonio, Texas this week as part of Munch On and Beyond, a co-op concept that partners with local vegan businesses to offer vegan meal options in one place. Owners Leah Drones and Javier Balderas launched Hip Peaz out of a desire to help people transition to veganism by creating comfort-food options with a vegan twist. The eatery offers rotating menu items such as Crasian Shrimp Po-Boy Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich with house-made vegan corned beef, Sushi Burrito with vegan shrimp, and vegan Shrimp, Sausage, and Duck Gumbo. House-made vegan meats such as ham, corned beef, and hamburger patties are also available for purchase frozen. “We are working on other meats that are still in the laboratory but not quite ready,” Balderas told VegNews. “Nothing leaves our kitchen without Leah’s stamp of approval.” Balderas hopes to sell Hip Peaz products through other South Texas businesses and eventually open a shop of their own with a full vegan butcher-shop menu.

Photo courtesy of Enrique Lopez and Gabe Navarro