Sweden’s Top Fast-Food Chain Debuts Vegan Milkshakes

Max Burgers’ new vegan milkshakes will eventually replace all dairy-based milkshakes and are part of a longer-term goal to increase the plant-based options on its menu.


Sweden-based fast-food chain Max Burgers will debut new vegan milkshakes to all 119 locations across the nation by this fall. The coconut milk-based shake, which will be available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, is currently being tested at one Max Burgers’ Stockholm location. “It was an immediate success,” Max Burgers head of PR Marita Wengelin told VegNews. “Our plan was to test it in another five restaurants during May, but since the demand for the shake has exceeded all our expectations, we have not been able to roll it out to further restaurants and the supplier is working hard to produce it to the required volume.” Max Burgers plans to serve the vegan milkshakes at vegetarian music festival Way Out West in Gothenburg in August before introducing it to all Sweden locations, and plans to eventually replace all of the dairy-based milkshakes on its menu with the vegan version. The move to replace dairy is part of Max Burgers’ environmentally motivated initiative to increase its plant-based options in its effort to encourage 50 percent of its sales to come from non-red-meat meals by 2022. In 2016, Max Burgers introduced its Green Family vegetarian options, which include a vegan barbecue sandwich made with Oumph! vegan pulled pork, red onion, lettuce, jalapeños, and vegan mayonnaise, and will also soon offer two vegan versions of its LyxShake, a whipped-cream-based dessert made with strawberries or blueberries.

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