The Hamptons Gets Its First Vegan Café

New York’s luxury vacation destination will soon be home to the Plant Based Coffee Shop, where hearty vegan food will make for a cruelty-free getaway.


This month, vegan eatery Plant Based Coffee Shop will open as the first of its kind in New York’s vacation destination The Hamptons, specifically in Bridgehampton. Brothers Marley and Lennon Ficalora partnered with local health shop Simply Sublime to create the eatery’s menu which focuses on whole-food plant-based dishes. “As many of you know my goal is to make healthy eating as affordable and accessible as possible,” Marley Ficalora announced on social media. “I want fast food to be replaced with fresh food. I want burgers and fries to be replaced by fruits and veggies. I want to make the world a healthier and happier place.” Ficalora explained his father’s struggle with multiple sclerosis and how his diet has affected the chronic illness. “I know that we can do this,” he continued. “Together we can make plant-based eating mainstream so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.” The preliminary menu for Plant Based Coffee Shop includes bowls made with curried cauliflower, barbecue tofu, a variety of vegetables, and sandwiches such as the TTLA—a vegan BLT made with tempeh bacon that is strikingly similar to the TTLA sandwich made popular earlier this year by vegan actress Tabitha Brown, who sparked a frenzy of requests for the vegan option at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.