Vegan Chain Copper Branch Expands to 60 Locations

Canada’s fast-casual vegan eatery Copper Branch plans to expand internationally, with new locations in the United States and Europe.


Canada’s fast-casual vegan eatery Copper Branch—which opened its first location in Montreal, Quebec in 2014—is expanding to 60 locations across Canada, the United States, and Europe. The chain, which serves 100 percent vegan power bowls, bean- and mushroom-based burgers, and all-day breakfast dishes such as waffles and tofu scrambles, currently operates 17 locations in Quebec and Ontario and plans to more than double its footprint by the end of the year, expanding into Alberta, British Columbia, the Maritimes, New York, and Brest, France. “Copper Branch has always had the goal of being one of the largest and fastest growing plant-based fast-casuals in North America,” Copper Branch director of marketing Andrew Infantino told VegNews. “Ever since Copper Branch began, our focus has always been to be a global brand and to inspire change in the food industry. In order to have true impact, we have to think large and keep growing.” Infantino hopes to close more franchise deals each month and is focusing on international expansion to cities in the United States, specifically in Boston and Philadelphia.