Raw vegan ultrarunner Catra Corbett set a new record on the 310-mile Muir Ramble Route course through California. The 53-year-old athlete completed the course in seven days, nine hours, and 49 minutes accompanied by a team of pacers and her dog TruMan. The Muir Ramble Route—originally explored by naturalist and conservationist John Muir in 1868—begins in San Francisco and ends in Yosemite Valley. “[I’m] thankful and grateful for my crew … since they gave up seven days to help me,” Corbett told VegNews. During the race, Corbett—who made a decision to go vegan 24 years ago after struggling with drug and alcohol addiction—consumed Muir energy gels, avocados, energy bars, and almond-butter packets to maintain her energy levels. “Once I got clean and sober, I started believing I could do things. I became a runner which gave me confidence. It taught me [that], ‘I CAN,’” Corbett stated in an Instagram post after the race. “The word ‘can’t’ [no] longer exist[s] in my vocabulary.”