Rooted Coffee Co., a Walnut Creek, CA-based coffee and catering company, removed eggs from its menu last week to go fully vegan. Founded by husband-and-wife team Jon and Jenny Gilmore, the company is best known for its Cashew Waffle, an item that was previously made with “free-range” eggs. “Regardless of the cost, we bought exclusively free-range, organic, pasture-raised eggs because we thought it was ethical and humane,” the owners stated on Instagram. “After learning more about the egg industry, which is shrouded in secrecy, misinformation, and marketing myths, we have discovered some disgusting truths regarding #factoryfarming, #debeaking, #batterycages, and the most gruesome #chickculling.” The company removed dairy at the beginning of the year and, despite being fearful of losing customers, profits have increased. The owners hope that removing eggs—which they call an act of “compassion, justice, and feminism”—will produce the same result. “An egg belongs to the hen who made it. She worked really hard to make it. We didn’t,” the owners said. “Rest assured, although we’re saying ‘shell no’ to eggs, we will still be making delicious, drool-worthy, unique waffles and food items that are undetectably plant-based and gluten-free.”

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