Electricity Company Obtains Vegan Certification

British company Ecotricity is certified by the Vegan Society for its ”green” energy that—unlike some clean energy companies—does not source from animal waste.


British “vegan” energy company Ecotricity recently obtained vegan certification by the Vegan Society. Ecotricity’s competitors market themselves as “clean energy” companies but source energy from the anaerobic digestion process of animals by heating manure supplied by the animal-agriculture industry to produce methane that is turned into electricity by fuel generators. “We need clear labeling of energy sourcing so that people can make informed choices,” Ecotricity CEO Dale Vince said. The company—which assures that no animal byproducts are used to create its electricity—currently offers wind and solar energy and is working to develop “sea power,” electricity harvested from the oscillation of waves and ocean currents. Vince is also the owner of English soccer team Forest Green Rovers and removed all animal products from the team’s New Lawn stadium in 2015.

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