Kevin Smith Begs Veggie Grill to Open New Jersey Outlet

The vegan director enjoys dining at Veggie Grill so much that he asked the vegan chain to open a location in his hometown of Red Bank, NJ.


Vegan actor/direction Kevin Smith—known for directing classic films Clerks, Chasing Amy, and for his role as half of duo “Jay and Silent Bob”—recently urged vegan fast-food chain Veggie Grill to open a location in his hometown of Red Bank, NJ. “I’m a recent vegan convert who loves your eatery and applauds your move into Boston,” Smith posted on Twitter. “If you can, bring a Veggie Grill to Red Bank, NJ.” Smith was inspired to adopt a plant-based diet earlier this year after suffering a “widowmaker” heart attack. The director reports that his health has improved after he removed animal products from his diet and that he has since lost more than 30 pounds. In April, Smith professed his love for Veggie Grill’s vegan nachos while dining with his vegan daughter Harley Quinn Smith. California-based Veggie Grill—the first fast-food chain to add Beyond Burgers to its then 28 locations—raised $22 million in 2016 to fund its nationwide expansion and has since opened several locations in Chicago and Boston with more East Coast locations (possibly in New Jersey) on the way.