New vegan food truck Go Vegan San Antonio will begin service  July 14 in the Texas city. The truck will serve dishes inspired by Panamanian cuisine, including tostones (fried plantains), black beans and rice, and a selection of sandwiches, along with other items including tofu tacos, mac and cheese, and smoothies. “Some of the obstacles we aim to address is that vegan foods can be tasty, affordable, and convenient,” co-owner Akeem Best told local media outlet My San Antonio. “Some vegan companies cater to vegans. We want to cater to the conversion market and open up people’s eyes.” Best and his wife Tara began working on the concept after watching vegan documentary What the Health last year and were inspired to go vegan 46 minutes into the film. “My mind was blown … I looked over at her and was like, ‘We can’t eat animals anymore,’” Best said. “She looked back, and said, ‘You’re right.’”