A Giant Pacific octopus—named Rabiot—successfully predicted the outcome of three 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia games before being slaughtered for food. Rabiot was caught by fishermen near the Japanese town of Obira  and, instead of being killed immediately, was first used as entertainment. On three occasions, the octopus was placed in a tank of water with three baskets of food—each marked with a flag of a different country. Each incident represented a match in the World Cup, and Robiot’s “prediction” was recorded when he swam to the basket of food that onlookers deemed he believed to be the winner of the match. In this manner, Rabiot correctly predicted that Japan would win its match against Colombia, tie with Senegal, and lose to Poland. Rabiot was sent to slaughter before Japan’s final World Cup game against Belgium on July 2,which it lost 3 to 2.

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