Scottish Brand Makes Haggis-Spiced Vegan Chocolate

Coco Chocolatier’s unique confections prove that you don’t need animal intestines to enjoy the haggis experience.


Scotland-based candy company Coco Chocolatier recently debuted its “Haggis Spice” vegan chocolate bar. While haggis is traditionally made with the organs of either a sheep or a calf which are boiled together with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning, before being stuffed into a sheep’s stomach, Coco Chocolatier created what it calls a “modern reflection on haggis” using a base of single-origin 60-percent cacao dark chocolate spiced with nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and pepper. Last year, chocolate company Love Cocoa—founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great-grandson of Cadbury chocolate brand founder John Cadbury—released a similarly innovative vegan chocolate bar made with a blend of 70-percent dark chocolate and avocado pulp.  

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