Vegan Hoisin Duck Debuts in UK Supermarkets

Linda McCartney Foods’ new vegan meal kit joins 20 new meatless products at Sainsbury’s as the chain continues to capitalize on surging demand for plant-based food.

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British supermarket chains Sainsbury’s and Waitrose recently launched new vegan product Vegetarian Hoisin Duck Meal Kit made by vegetarian brand Linda McCartney Foods. The product features soy-and wheat-based vegan duck, which comes with hoisin sauce and 10 Chinese-style pancakes. In addition to the meal kit, this week Sainsbury’s added a total of 21 new meatless food products including three additional vegan items made by Linda McCartney Foods (Vegetarian Scampi, Vegetarian Meatballs, and Vegetarian Sausages), vegan ground meat by Danish brand Naturli’ Foods, Tofurky products, and Sainsbury’s private-labeled ready-made meals. “We know our customers are now seeking out more vegan and vegetarian options on the shelf which is why we’re launching new plant-based products,” James Hamilton, meat-free and ready meals buyer at Sainsbury’s, told media outlet The Independent. “We’ve also looked at customer feedback about the products they wanted to be vegan, so we’ve reformulated the recipes to make them 100 percent meat- and dairy-free.” According to Hamilton, sales of meat-free options at Sainsbury’s continue to grow by 20 percent every week.